Walter’s Cabin

Walter's CabinWalter’s, which lies further up the ridge from the other cabins, has exceptional views of the Gore Range, the Ten Mile Range, and Shrine Peak. With a capacity of 12 total, Walter’s is internally divided into two levels, each sleeping 6 people. Both levels have hot and cold running water, indoor bathrooms with showers, and flush toilets. Two kitchens, one on each level, feature propane ovens, and stoves, and generator powered lighting. Each level also has its own deck.

Upper and Lower Levels

Walter's CabinThe upstairs of Walter’s has 2 bedrooms: 1 with a queen bed, 1 with 2 single beds. There are also 2 single day beds in the main room. 10th Mountain requests that you rent the entire upstairs (all six spaces) at a rate of $43 a person per night (total cost: $258 night).

Walter’s downstairs layout and amenities are the same as upstairs, except with a propane heat stove. Downstairs spaces rent for $43 a person per night and may be booked individually.

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